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The Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation

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The Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation
The Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation is a public benefit organization running a hospice for children. The hospice provides palliative care for incurably sick children and their families at their homes. Our team works in Warsaw and in nearby area (up to 100 km from the city).

Statutory objectives:
Gratuitous support and provision of palliative care for children, adolescents and young adults with life-limiting conditions, and for their families.

Gratuitous bereavement support for the families.
Gratuitous development and implementation of the model of palliative home care for children, adolescents and young adults in Poland and abroad.

Our team includes:
5 doctors
12 nurses
2 social workers
4 psychologists
a chaplain
3 physiotherapists

The hospice is on duty 24/7.
The hospice care is free of charge.
We offer bereavement support to the families after the loss of their children.
The Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation operates through generosity of individuals, institutions and companies.

 Internship and training in paediatric palliative home care
The Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation offers a one month internship and training in paediatric palliative home care for health care professionals (physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers) and chaplains who are employed in institutions providing palliative care for children with life-limiting conditions, or intend to work in a home hospice for children. In the latter case the intern must provide the Foundation with a letter from his future employer including a statement that the candidate will be employed after the training. The interns must speak Polish, English or Russian.

The program consists of 2 clinical meetings a day, at 8:00 and 15:00, and home visits with our staff (usually 2 visits a day) between the meetings. Moreover, the interns take part in meetings of the bereavement support group for parents once a week (Thursday or Saturday, at 17:30). Visiting patients with our nurses during weekends is optional.

We offer access to the hospice library (books, journals, videos etc.)

The internship and training are free of charge. We offer accommodation in our hostel with access to a kitchen (also free of charge). We offer no scholarships and do not cover travel costs, health insurance, visa, etc.

If you need more information on internship please contact Ms. Agnieszka Chmiel-Baranowska

You may support us in the following ways:
1% of income tax (for Polish tax payers) – it’s an easy and very effective means of supporting a chosen public benefit organization. The tax payer has a unique opportunity to decide for what purpose a part of his/her taxes will be spent. We will be happy if you decide to dedicate 1% of your income tax to our Foundation – KRS 0000097123.

Donation in money – thanks to such donations we can provide our patients and their families with medical, social, psychological and spiritual care. The donated funds are in 100% spent on statutory objectives. The donation should be transferred to the following bank accounts:

donations from Poland: 33 1240 1082 1111 0000 0428 2080
donations from abroad:  IBAN: PL72124010821787000004282110, BIC: PKOPPLPW.

Name and address of the organization:

Fundacja Warszawskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci
ul. Agatowa 10, 03-680 Warszawa

Transfer description: "Darowizna na cele statutowe Fundacji WHD".

Donation in kind – means donating to the hospice products necessary for providing care for sick children, such as towels, bed linen, washing powder, diapers, soap, shampoo, moist tissues, cleaning supplies, etc. If you are willing to support us in such a way please contact our social worker, Ms. Dorota Licau  (, in order to learn from her about current needs of our patients.

Voluntary service – it’s an important form of supporting our patients. If you want to become a volunteer and join our team please contact our coordinator, Mr. Mirosław Dziekański:
phone.: 600 733 563

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